TJ Peer Tutoring

TJ Peer tutoring strives to provide peer-to-peer academic support for students in all subject areas. With 7-8 rigorous courses, many of which are at AP and Post-AP level, students often struggle to keep up with the academic rigor and often resort to dishonest behavior or attending their base high school. With the support of SGA, peer tutoring is able to ensure that every student is supported through their academic career at TJ. Tutors receive volunteer service hours and gain valuable experience mentoring and teaching their peers.

Mental Health Coalition

As an SGA-run platform for school-wide mental health discussion, the TJ Mental Health Coalition seeks to foster open communication between students, parents, teachers, and administrators at monthly forums. By sponsoring collaborative mental wellness initiatives, promoting parent and teacher involvement in mental health conversations, reforming mental health policies, and providing mental health training, the committee’s goal is to create a school environment which supports the needs of every student, every day.

Big Sibs

Big Sibs pairs rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors with incoming freshman as mentors and mentees. The goal of the program is to alleviate any fears rising freshmen may have as they enter the TJ community by providing a mentor who has gone through the same experience. By ensuring that every student has someone to talk to who can answer their questions and provide emotional and academic support, Big Sibs hopes to move toward a stress and worry-free TJ environment.