Money Wars Amendments

September 16th, 2018

Three weeks ago, the sponsors of student leadership raised concerns over the annual Money Wars competition that takes place during homecoming week. Many expressed the sentiment that language used to fundraise has become more misleading in recent years, which could tarnish the school reputation if someone who donated feels misled. In addition, they were worried that online fundraising and other tactics are not well regulated or restricted in any way to keep students safe and comply with FCPS regulations. We were told that the event would not proceed without significant changes to the structure of the competition.

Proposed alternatives included shifting the competition to be a competition between classes to see which one can accumulate the most service hours in one week or abolishing the competition altogether. In fact, after homecoming last year, without the knowledge of SLT, an email was sent to administration asking if the event could be scrapped. To our delight, Dr. Bonitatibus supported the competition and prevented its removal from homecoming.

However, through meetings this week and last week with the sponsors and student leadership, specific concerns were worked through. SGA has now reached an agreement with the opposing sponsors to continue Money Wars, but with two caveats: 1) The tactics to raise money this year are limited to asking family/close friends, donating your own money, and online solicitation through SGA. For the online solicitation, (contingent upon finance office approval), SGA will be setting up a common platform through which there will be an option to select which class to donate to. 2) When any official advertising for Money Wars happens through student leadership, common language must be used.

This was not the Money Wars we had planned for but these two amendments were the only way, from the perspective of student leadership, to preserve the intent of the competition and leave the focus on raising money for a charitable cause. The alternative was to not have a money wars competition at all this year, as the sponsors would have delayed the submission of the plan to FCPS until their main concerns were addressed. The proposal is now in the process of being approved by Dr. Bonitatibus and the Assistant Regional Superintendent.

We hope to continue the success of Money Wars, and in the future, broaden the scope of the event once more. Please reach out to for more info, message any of the officers, or drop by one of our meetings. We are always willing to discuss the details of the situation with you.