Dining With Doc Meeting Updates

November 14, 2018

On November 13th, members of the TJ community came together with Dr. Bonitatibus in our monthly “Dining with Doc” meeting to discuss items of importance for the school community. These issues included: communication between the administration and the student body, discretion when pulling students out of class, consistent weighting in the grade book between academic teams, and renaming of commons and hallways.

For course weighting, SGA is working towards a standardized course grade book across similar courses. For example, all classwork assignments in Biology would be worth 40% of the gradebook, tests would be 50%, and homework would be 10%, regardless of the teacher. These distributions would be decided by the department’s academic teams. Due to many concerns about unfair grading policies between teachers, Dr. Bonitatibus says she will continue to support course standardization within departments and courses. Computer science and chemistry are specific areas of focus.

SGA also asked administration to improve their method of communication with the student body. After discussing how rarely students use emails, on which school announcements are currently sent, Dr. Bonitatibus agreed to post emails typically sent to student’s FCPS accounts to ion. This would keep students better informed of school events and important announcements without having to worry about checking an additional platform. Next, the meeting also addressed student requests to rename commons areas. Although all commons spaces currently have names, students can propose hallway names.Dr. Bonitatibus requested that SGA put together a proposal for hallway naming. We will be reaching out to students for input through a google form.

Additionally, Dr. Bonitatibus will work with administrators to approach students in a private manner for inquiries about academic dishonesty, opportunities, and other nonemergencies. This means that students will only be physically pulled out of class by an administrator in time-sensitive situations This will prevent the humiliation and rumors associated with being abruptly pulled out of class.

Dining with Doc Meetings are hosted monthly, and are open to the entire student body, so be on the lookout for a Facebook post announcing when the next one will be held. As always, feel free to reach out to any of the officers with any questions!