Mental Health Committee (MHC) Updates


We recently had our first MHC meeting of the year, where the MHC members met with Dr. Bonitatibus, Ms. Armstrong, and the PTSA. They established some general guidelines for improving mental health this year.

MHC will be working on intervention and gaining more acceptance of mental illness throughout the TJ community. We will also be looking at including BigSibs in these initiatives, so that incoming freshmen in future years will be aware of the support that they have.

Dr. Bonitatibus is encouraging the program where teachers shadow students so that they have the ability to see what a school day is like from the point of view from the students. Our hope is that these teachers will then be able to further empathize with the students after seeing their daily struggles, and will work with the students more, either through student advocacy or reducing workload.

MHC also is working with other groups who are trying to encourage mental health through other avenues. - TJ Minds Matter - They will be holding activities during eighth period on October 30, such as painting pumpkins or other arts and crafts. -Challenge Success - Our challenge success students attended a conference in Boston, where the panel discussed the importance of family time and that many schools are not adequately addressing the root causes of anxiety or illness. - PTSA- The PTSA is working on creating a mental health conference with workshops for staff and students to learn more about the impacts of mental health. - The RULER technique will help teachers to understand their students’ learning habits and stress levels to better instruct their curriculum

If you have any questions or more ideas on how to promote mental health, please contact us at